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FRAUD costs investors and professionals hundreds of millions each year! “Reduce your risk” by knowing the facts and learning the essential principles of detection and prevention. It doesn’t have to happen to you! Learn what items to ask for and the steps necessary to prevent becoming a victim of misrepresentation and outright fraud.








"Seasoned pro or a newcomer to commercial real estate, you will learn from this book. Newcomers to commercial real estate will learn a lot about the basics.  Seasoned pros will learn how Financial Ratios and Mathematical Models, used as forensic tools, reveal deviations that indicate where to look for errors or fraud.  These tools can be applied to underwrite projects or to evaluate credit for anchor tenants."
                                                                  - Hal Cook
                                                                     Cook Commercial

"Great explanation of ratios and fraud opportunities.  Your material is helpful.  Much of the book refers to due diligence a lender would do on a property for a borrower (LTV, DSCR, etc.)  Good read!"
                                                                  - Don Zech
                                                                     CDC Commercial

"Very impressive and demonstrates knowledge of both fraud in general but especially about the commercial real estate industry."
                                                                  - Jim Davidson
                                                                     Avant Advisory Group

"Jerry has put together an easy to read and understand book essential to those getting started in the real estate due diligence process, as well as for the more experienced professional.  I highly recommend it"

                                                                  -  Jon Taber


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