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3-Day Forensic Audit to Identify Fictitious Vendors

Looking for fictitious vendors but don't feel the need for a traditional and week(s) long audit? In its place, Ipsen Due Diligence offers a 3-day audit using forensic accounting methods that’s affordable and focused on identifying suspicious vendors. After that, it’s up to you to decide the direction you want to take. You can improve your vendor profiles, cut some loose, calculate your losses if any, demand repayment, take the responsible party to court, or maybe let some employees go in the process. It’s your decision. At a minimum, you’ll know if the accounting department is doing their job or is at the root of the problem.

When you suspect unscrupulous activity or have experienced fraud, call me, Jerry Ipsen of Ipsen Due Diligence to discuss your options. The initial consultation is offered at no cost to you.

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