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Assisting Attorneys With Their Fiduciary and Probate Matters

Ipsen Due Diligence assists in fiduciary and probate matters where breaches of fiduciary duty, self-dealing, theft, embezzlement, and misuse of entrusted funds are suspected or alleged.  

Fiduciary relationships exist whenever someone is entrusted with the assets (mainly funds) of someone else. Typical examples of a person with a fiduciary duty include Executors, Personal Representatives, Administrators, Trustees, Guardians, Agents, Conservators, and individuals acting under Durable Powers of Attorney. 

In these contexts and matters, where often allegations have been made against the fiduciary, Jerry Ipsen and Ipsen Due Diligence is available to assist legal counsel to resolve any allegations by conducting an independent and objective investigation to determine whether any improprieties have occurred, and if so, the degree of such financial impropriety. 

Whether working with counsel representing the fiduciary, the person subject to fiduciary control, or a beneficiary, the mission is the same: determine factually what occurred within the finances and activity of the fiduciary.

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