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Biden's Economy is Failing, and Crime is on the Rise

Employees everywhere are struggling to make ends meet and know their employers are busy and can’t be everywhere. But I can help!

This is accomplished by showing up unannounced on your jobsite wearing easily identifiable marked safety gear and asking the right questions. The Fraud Examiner on the jobsite sends the message that you’re serious about fraud and theft prevention. Employees, subcontractors, and vendors will know someone important has been onsite and will think twice before stealing from you. My mission is to help those from falling victim to fraud and theft, and in some cases improve the “bottom line.” The 2-hour onsite program includes a jobsite visit, safety walk-through, talks with employees, subcontractors, and material suppliers discussing what's expected of them when it comes to applications for payment, billing, change orders, deliveries, the avoidance of unapproved material substitutions, the accurate reporting of hours and equipment usage as well as the prevention of theft. When you're serious about preventing theft or fraud, you should consider a jobsite visit by a clearly marked fraud examiner. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) 2022 Occupational Report, the median reported loss for construction is $203,000.

Don’t wait for bad news, take preventive action now and contact Jerry at Ipsen Due Diligence.

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