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Does Your Project Deserve Protection?

I guarantee it does. The presence of a clearly marked Fraud Examiner on the jobsite will definitely get attention. You may not hear it, but by the time the Fraud Examiner leaves, you can rest assure every subcontractor, vendor, employee and those back at the office will know, someone important has been there. Ipsen Due Diligence helps those wanting to improve the bottom line and does so by employing effective fraud and theft prevention measures. The 2-hour onsite program includes a jobsite visit, safety walk-through, talks with employees, subcontractors, and material suppliers discussing what's expected of them when it comes to billing, change orders, deliveries, the avoidance of unapproved material substitutions, the accurate reporting of hours and equipment usage as well as the prevention of theft. When you're serious about protecting your investment by preventing theft or fraud, you need to consider a jobsite visit by a clearly marked fraud examiner. You need to contact Ipsen Due Diligence.

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