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Due Diligence for Commercial Real Estate

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Proper due diligence for commercial real estate often requires examination of financial statements such as income and expense statements looking for significant changes and fraudulent misrepresentations. Due diligence services may also call for domestic and international site visits, the examination of property taxes paid, estoppels, rent rolls, income projections, utility invoices, legal claims, potential conflicts of interest, and the examination of vendor invoicing which may signal unpaid obligations or suspicions of fraud.

Those investors wanting an unbiased opinion should also want to know:

· If the investment property is located close to major thoroughfares, airports, banks, medical facilities, and shopping?

· What are the demographics, crime rates, and zoning of the area?

· Does the property if remote have access to needed utilities and water?

· Is local transportation available? What are their schedules? At what price?

· What is the status of the local government? What role if any will they have in advancing your project.

Ipsen Due Diligence has and will continue to provide these services to developers on projects located in the United States, Mexico, Central, and South America.

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