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Financial Due Diligence for Commercial Real Estate

Ipsen Due Diligence examines financial statements such as income and expense statements looking for significant changes and fraudulent misrepresentations. Investors before closing want to know all they can about the property.

Our due diligence services begin with assisting lenders and developers with site visits for both construction and commercial projects, the examination of property taxes paid, zoning, title search, demographics, rent rolls, estoppels, income projections, utility invoices, legal claims, potential conflicts of interest, internal controls and the examination of vendor invoicing which may signal unpaid obligations or suspicions of fraud.

In regard to suspicions of fraud, Ipsen Due Diligence is the right choice when looking for evidence of any fraud related schemes?

  • Has the lender asked for exorbitant upfront fees?

  • Are there multiple loan applications on the property?

  • Suspicions of a real estate scam?

  • Are false appraisals or inflated prices suspected?

  • Is a fraudulent transfer of title suspected?

  • As a lender, do you suspect wrongdoing by builders?

Author of “Financial Due Diligence for Commercial Real Estate: Proven Methods to Detect & Prevent Fraud”

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