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Fraud Prevention at Your Jobsite

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Don’t hire me to be friends with your workers. Hire me so your workers think twice before stealing from you. Let them decide if it's worth losing their job or possibly going to jail?

Ipsen Due Diligence at the request of the general contractor, lender or project owner will conduct a thorough examination looking for suspicious activity in areas such as billing, equipment, materials, and labor.

The 2-hour onsite program includes a jobsite visit, safety walk-through, talks with employees, subcontractors, and material suppliers discussing what's expected of them when it comes to billing, material substitution, accurate reporting of hours, equipment usage as well as the prevention of theft.

When you're serious about preventing or detecting fraud and want to do something about it, you need to contact Jerry of Ipsen Due Diligence.

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