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Fraud Prevention Program – 2 hour Jobsite Visit

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

The Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) among others recommend a good fraud prevention program. Ipsen Due Diligence has prepared such a program that is geared towards general contractors, construction managers, lenders, and project owners interested in the prevention of construction fraud.

The 2-hour onsite program includes a jobsite visit, safety walk-through, talks with employees, subcontractors, and material suppliers discussing what's expected of them when it comes to billing, material substitution, accurate reporting of hours, equipment usage as well as the prevention of theft.

Discover how a fraud prevention program can be an inexpensive way of expressing your interest in fraud prevention while informing others that fraudulent billing as well as other dishonest acts will not be tolerated on the jobsite. Your contract should have a “Right to Audit” clause that allows for closer scrutiny should suspicions arise.

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