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Indicators of Potential Senior Financial Exploitation

Here is list of red flags that point out possible indicators of senior financial exploitation.

  • Erratic or unusual banking transactions, or changes in banking patterns.

  • An inexplicable change in investment objectives or risk tolerance.

  • Making investments that don’t match the customer's investment objectives or risk tolerance.

  • Uncharacteristic withdrawals or attempts to wire large sums of money.

  • Nonpayment for services.

  • Closing of CDs or accounts without regard to penalties.

  • A caregiver or other individual showing excessive interest in a seniors’ finances or assets, not allowing them to speak for themselves or seem reluctant to leave their side during conversations.

  • The financial institution is unable to speak directly with the elders, despite repeated attempts to contact them.

Source:  "The Investor Protector" written by Attorney David P. Meyer.

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