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Lenders – Have you been scammed?

In the process of securing an equity partner have you been scammed? Have you encountered financial losses, or even damage to your reputation? Ipsen Due Diligence offers solutions that help lenders, syndicates and other individuals avoid being scammed by conducting proper and thorough due diligence beforehand such as performing various background and screening checks.

In some cases, lenders have been held liable by their own investors for not exercising reasonable care when they failed to take necessary preventive measures before entering into a deal where losses were realized from a scam. We have access to confidential databases and employ State licensed resources.

Your firm is responsible for engaging only the right firms. Take the necessary steps to protect your investors. The minimal expense to properly vet by professionals you can write off. The financial loss and damage to your reputation when you “wing it” or evaluate in-house, probably not.

Contact me, Jerry Ipsen to discuss the options available to you.

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