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Providing Fiduciaries With Needed Information

For those licensed Fiduciaries in need of locating a beneficiary for their gravely ill client, we can help! Being part of NetCheck Investigations, a skip trace for “Permissible purposes” can be performed to locate beneficiaries or related parties.

Second, Fiduciaries that want to screen a prospective client before taking them on, NetCheck Investigations can run a “Due Diligence aka Background search” accessing criminal and civil records. It's in these cases, a waiver is signed by the client authorizing the said search. Fiduciaries see this as a cost-savings measure should the client have serious issues or a sketchy past. The Due Diligence search is a handy tool should you as the Conservator be called before the court.

NetCheck Investigations, Since 1996 CA PI license #21529

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