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Real Estate Training Course Scams

Beware of Real Estate Investment Training Courses and Seminars. For example, a Florida-based couple running a real estate coaching and investment company was allegedly operating a scam that defrauded rookie investors, according to a handful of lawsuits filed in federal court. Greg Parker Jr., who goes by the handle Big Bizzneesss, and his wife Danielle “Nikki” Morris Parker promised to coach new investors into building real estate portfolios.

For a price, the couple also promised to let people into their supposed investment clubs. According to investors interviewed by the Philadelphia Inquirer, it was all part of an elaborate scam. Fueled by marketing that leaned on their hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, the Parkers sold investment seminars starting at $97, VIP passes for $297 and one-on-one mentorships for $5,000.

At times, they would allegedly lure new real estate investors into supposed investment deals that would end up with surprise bills and unpaid taxes. More than a half dozen lawsuits were filed in a federal court in Philadelphia that alleged the Parkers were effectively operating a real estate investing scam.

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