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Strong Jobsite Security Begins with a Plan

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

According to Pro-Vigil, theft occurring on the jobsite has grown to over $400 million annually just here in the United States. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), reports 29% of equipment owners have experienced 5 or more thefts. Many of the stolen items on a construction job site fall into the category of an insurance deductible. This means that contractors and their workers often "eat" the costs and end up having to repurchase the stolen items all over again.

The more detailed a security plan, the better prepared your team members will be.

Elements of a good plan should include:

  1. A map of the site location with all the boundaries and nearby properties.

  2. The estimated start and end dates along with the work plan.

  3. Contact details for site security manager(s) with instructions on who to reach out to for 24/7 access.

  4. A list of your proposed security elements, including job site surveillance, fencing, and more.

  5. Contact details for everyone involved in the construction job.

  6. Backup plans for no-power scenarios if electricity is compromised.

  7. An inventory list of tools, materials, and machinery.

The plan should be made available to multiple managers who can readily access the information. Start by placing informational signs and warnings at strategic locations. Spell out the penalties for trespassing and let potential intruders know they are subject to video surveillance. Reminding trespassers of the criminal penalties for illegal entry could be all the deterrence you need.

Upon request, Ipsen Due Diligence can create a security plan for your jobsite.

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