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Transparency in Real Estate Syndications

Updated: Mar 26

For those into Real Estate Syndications, here’s a website that deserves a look.  GoInvestClearly is a GP directory and review site as well as a syndication and fund deal directory. The site helps LPs find and evaluate both deals and sponsors based on the experience of other LPs.


The long-term goal is to have every GP and every deal they have done listed on the site. To post a review, LPs must provide proof they have done a deal with the GP. At the same time, LPs have the option to display their name or post a review anonymously. Just as important, GPs cannot remove or edit reviews.


Invest Clearly is the only place I have found (online) that will list GPs and every deal listed, regardless of the GP’s participation. Invest Clearly believes they have created a support system for LPs to highlight great GPs while helping their fellow LPs at the same time avoid risky ones.


Invest Clearly gets their information directly from the SEC and does NOT sell LP contact info to GPs nor do they take any commission on money raised. Invest Clearly is not a platform for the execution of investments. Invest Clearly does NOT co-GP nor are they broker dealers.

The mission of Invest Clearly is to build trust within the LP community by creating transparency and staying completely out of deals. Invest Clearly’s objective is to remain completely uninfluenced by the GP while providing an objective source of information.  Investors are invited to review GPs on the Invest Clearly platform where they know that GPs cannot influence or cherry pick what gets published?

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