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Gaetano DiNardi writing for his website, tells us that for the most part, songwriters, producers and upcoming artists by nature are not good businesspeople.  For this reason, among others, scammers will exploit the hopes and dreams of many independent rappers for their own profits.

In a recent article, Gaetano believed artists fall for these schemes due to their desire or “emotional sensory stimuli” of wanting to be a star.  Scammers will deceive artists and musicians with false promises that will tease their emotional cravings.

Gaetano lists the most common problems with most (not all) unsigned artists:

  • They fail to realize that there are costs associated with every service.

  • They fail to accept that there are NO shortcuts to fame and fortune.

  • They think their talent is at a higher level than what it actually is.

  • They think people will help them for free.

  • They are easily manipulated & deceived.

  • They make critical decisions based off their emotions and “energy” instead of facts, data, & logical reasoning.

Ipsen Due Diligence works with artists who have concerns regarding the character and background of those they come into contact with as well as conducting financial fraud investigations when allegations of misappropriation (misspent money) or embezzlement arise.

Gaetano DiNardi is an artist, producer, songwriter, musician, and digital marketer.  Information for this blog post was sourced from Gaetano’s article: “6 Most Common Music Industry Scams (and How to Avoid Them).”

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