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Having both a CFE and an MBA with service as a Marine Corps Officer, Jerry Ipsen works with Business, Attorneys, Real Estate and Construction Professionals by providing fraud investigations, forensic accounting, oversight / site visits, vendor audits and due diligence such as background checks.


Services include:

  • Investigating Financial Frauds involving Real Estate Syndications.

  • Assisting where needed when building a case against the fraudulent acts of property management companies, trustees, employees or dishonest contractors suspected of theft or embezzlement.

  • Assisting attorneys in matters involving unsuitable investments.

  • Conducting Fixed Fee Audit / Oversight Visits.

  • Providing Background Checks on those where money is involved.

  • Writing Business Plans for Clients.

  • Investigating allegations of embezzlement or other financial frauds.

  • Investigating cash purchases or suspicions of money laundering.

  • Investigating cost overruns.

  • Investigating problematic or suspicious change orders.

  • Working with project owners and contractors in cases of alleged embezzlement to include in some cases false or misleading invoices.

  • Providing fraud detection and prevention services through audits, due diligence and site visits.

  • Making unannounced site visits wearing marked "Fraud Examiner" construction approved safety gear.

  • Investigating activities of suspicious (or fraudulent) buyers and lenders

  • Working with franchisors and franchisees (owners) of multiple locations.

  • Conducting property due diligence for buyers.

  • Conducting "Third Party" due diligence of properties for investors.

  • Meeting with those who have suspicions or who've been affected by acts of misrepresentation, fraudulent real estate investments, and related scams.

  • Assisting family members, Probate and Trust Attorneys by investigating allegations of Churning, Improper Investments, Commingling, Embezzlement and Financial Elder Abuse.

  • Serving as a Board / Finance Committee Member for Profit or Nonprofit organizations.

  • Providing clients with a written report and testimony if called upon for a deposition or court appearance. 

  • International Travel


Jerry Ipsen, CFE, MBA, being a Certified Fraud Examiner with a background in finance, business, commercial real estate, and construction is the obvious choice for investigating scams, acts of misappropriation to include embezzlement and theft, people of questionable character or those connected to underhanded acts.


To better serve you, Jerry's background and experience includes:

  • Investigating and reporting on financial fraud for 

       Real Estate Syndications

  • NASD Series 7/63 (Inactive) Securities licensed and

       Financial Planning involving the reporting on and trading

       of Limited Partnerships, mutual funds, stocks and options

  • Originating more than $94 Million in CRE Loans

  • Writing over $800 million in business plans and

       feasibility studies

  • Conducting Due Diligence for Real Estate Projects

        in the US, Mexico and Costa Rica

  • Author, Financial Due Diligence for CRE...

  • Detecting Construction Fraud

  • Fraud Examination                      

  • Forensic Accounting 

  • Reconstruction of Bank Records

  • Financial Analysis

  • Audit

  • Misappropriation and Embezzlement Cases

  • Developing Internal Controls

  • Compliance

  • Investigating both Criminal and Civil Cases

  • Investigating Suspected Financial Elder Abuse

  • Conducting Background Checks and Due Diligence 

  • Four + Years as a Private Investigator

  • Nonprofit Board Member



Jerry has been the best source for our project needs. He understands and embraces the convergence of lending needs and developer's desires, and his recommendations have led to powerful results for our projects. Mr. Ipsen consistently over-delivers and nothing ever slips through his view, his wide knowledge of the market and his sharp business sense make his work exceptional. I highly recommend Mr. Jerry Ipsen.

David Lucio, Commercial Loan Financing

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